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Davangere City

Davangere is a city in the Indian state of Karnataka, lying in western South India. Davangere is in the state of karnataka and it is the administrative headquarters of Davangere District, which lies at the centre of the state of Karnataka. The city is located on National Highway 4 (India), at a distance of about 265 kilometres (165 mi) from the state capital, Bangalore. It became a separate district in 1997, when it was separated from the district of Chitradurga, for administration conveniences. Davangere is the 7th-largest city in Karnataka.

The road distance from bangalore to davangere is 261 kms while the aerial distance is 245 kms.Some of attractions include Kunduvada kere, Bathi Gudda, Kondajji, Uchangidurga and Shanthi Sagara. The city also has a number of religious places. Among the main spots that hold religious importance are Durgambika Temple, Subramanya Temple and Anekonda. These places witness the visit of a large number of people, who come here to enjoy the beauty as well as offer their prayers. Shamanur is also a popular place, famous for the Sri Anjaneya Swamy temple.

City has old Cinema Theatres such as Shanthi Talkies, Mothi Talkies, Vasanta Talkies, Ashoka Talkies, and new generation theatres such as Pushpanjali, Geetanjali, Padmanjali, Aruna and others.

Davangere is an educational centre. It is known for its higher educational institutes. Davangere City has 2 Government First Frade Colleges. One is Government College for Women and another is Government First Grade College and P.G. Centre. It has three major engineering colleges, two dental colleges, two medical colleges, one Ayurvedic medical college, Bapuji Pharmacy College (offering Pharm.D, B.Pharma, D.Pharma and M.Pharm), a number of management schools and colleges, an art college, and a fashion design college. JJM Medical college is an internationally renown medical college which produces 245 MBBS graduates every year.

Bapuji Educational Association is a conglomerate of over 50 educational institutions across the city of Davangere. The institute was established in the year 1958 with the start of a first grade college in Davangere. Two medical colleges, 2 dental colleges, an engineering college Bapuji Institute of Engineering & Technology, Bapuji B-Schools and numerous other colleges are associated with the association. These colleges account for around 50 institutions. Dr. S. Kotrabasappa, Kasal Srinivasasetty, Maganur Basappa, Rajnahally Lakshman Shetty, Ajjampur Rangappa have been the significant personalities behind the growth of the organisation. Davangere also has other three engineering colleges, G M Institute of Technology, and University B.D.T College of Engineering. Recently in the academic year 2011-2012, a new engineering college has been started in Davangere india called Jain Institute of Technology. It is situated near Avargere.