Davangere District

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Davangere District, Davangere City

Davangere District, Davangere City

Davangere District is an administrative district of Karnataka state in southern India. The city of Davangere is the district headquarters. Davangere District had a population of 1,790,952 of which 30.32% was urban as of 2001. This district was carved out of Chitradurga district in 1997 by then Chief minister of Karnataka J. H. Patel.

The Davangere District lies above the historic Chitradurga. The prominent cities/towns in this district are Harihara, Honnali and Channagiri. Neighbouring districts are Shivamogga District, Haveri District, Chitradurga District, and Bellary District.

The Davangere district has 6 taluk panchayats, 24 hoblies, 230 gram panchayats, 803 villages, 1334 habitations, and 2 city municipal councils and one City Corporation.

Davangere District lies in the plain region on the Deccan Plateau locally known as bayalu seeme. The Davangere district is bounded by Shivamogga District, Haveri District, Chitradurga District, and Bellary District. The district lies in the center of Karnataka which is also reflected culturally. There are many windy places within the district favouring the recent growth of wind energy industry across the district.

According to the 2011 census Davangere district has a population of 1,946,905.

The district has a population density of 329 inhabitants per square kilometre (850 /sq mi) . Its population growth rate over the decade 2001-2011 was 8.71%. Davangere has a sex ratio of 967 females for every 1000 males, and a literacy rate of 76.3%.

Agriculture is the main occupation in the rural parts of the district.

The district has elected 9 MLA’s to the legislative assembly and one MP to the parliament. The sitting MP is Mr. GM Siddeshwara of BJP and the sitting MLA of Davangere city is Mr. S.S Shamanur Shivashankarappa of INC.

Davangere City has a well established telephone network and a good internet facility has linked Davangere to all parts of the world. BSNL and few private players are providing both the mobile phone and Internet service. Cable TV reaches the homes of a very large population of residents.

There are several government departments, both state and central for smooth administration and public service. The Davangere City has a civil court, a block development authority, a municipality and the district commissioner’s office.

The health care system in Davangere City is very good with both the government Hospital and Medical College Hospital functioning well. There are several private nursing homes, and numerous clinics and laboratories. The ayurvedic college and hospital has its own importance. A cancer hospital, too is coming up at outskirts of the city. An eye hospital is coming up in the davangere city. With so many hospitals, people need not travel to bigger cities for health care facilities anymore.

Religion and entertainment have their own place. There are 13 cinema halls and three mini theatres. Hindi, Kannada and English films are regularly screened in Davangere City. Local festivals and folk traditions keep people busy. National Consumer exhibition makes regular appearances. There are temples, mosques and churches too. There are around more than 100 small temples in the davangere city. Jain temple has its presence in the heart of Davangere. Some of these temples perform annual car festival that draws devotees in thousands. People throng in from the neighboring villages to offer their prayers. The church located in the heart of Davangere City has been renovated.

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